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It's here. JobSuite Proofs.

Introducing online markup, annotations & approval - all without leaving JobSuite. No more back and forth via email, uploading & downloading to review, comment, edit, and approve artwork. Collaboration on all aspects of a job is centralized - inside JobSuite - on the Salesforce platform.

Harness the power of the JobSuite's new online annotations tool, JobSuite Proofs, built on the Salesforce platform. Streamline your project's review and approval process with a robust set of smart markup tools, your custom created approval templates and automated notifications.

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 Check out how JobSuite's new annotations & approvals feature makes your creative team's life so much easier...


JobSuite Proofs allows you to annotate, collaborate & approve files...

All in one application. No more moving back & forth between applications to collaborate on the creative.

Annotate & Collaborate on Files

Robust package of smart tools to review & annotate in real-time with your team. JobSuite's File Library manages your files & captures the history of the review & approval process.

Customize the Approval Process

Create custom approval sequences by job type that streamlines setup & automates the review & approval process.  Let your team know it is their turn to review with automated notifications.

Native to Salesforce

JobSuite is the only project management app on the Salesforce App Exchange to have proofing,  annotations & approvals of documents built into the platform. That means you don't need to go to an outside app for proofing & approvals. 

Job Centric Collaboration

Streamline your proofing review & approval process with ONE place for creatives, project managers, and approvers to collaborate on a job. Audit trails & feedback all captured with the job for increased accountability.

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